Updated to v0.12, bug fixes and removed Vector Graphics package dependency

Updates in v0.12:

  • Bug fix to JigsawSvgGenerator to ensure decimal places use dots rather than commas regardless of local culture convention
  • Removed some commented out code left over after the initial development phase
  • Incorporated the Vector Graphics package directly into the project so that it no longer needs to be added separately as an additional step
  • Fixed a bug in the image rotator so that the name of the image is no longer lost after it has been rotated
  • Increased the camera size to 4 (from 3.8) to allow slightly more room for the puzzle pieces to scatter into
  • Decreased the puzzle piece jitter ratio in PuzzleManager.cs from 0.1 to 0.05 so that the pieces have slightly less spare space between them after scattering


Jigsaw puzzle creator package v0.12 for Unity 2019.4.unitypackage 24 MB
Apr 09, 2022
Jigsaw puzzle creator package v0.12 for Unity 2020.3.unitypackage 24 MB
Apr 09, 2022

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