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Create your own jigsaw puzzle games in Unity 

Use this jigsaw puzzle creator package to build standalone games, or add a jigsaw puzzle mini-game as part of a larger game.  Easily create fully functional jigsaw puzzle prefabs within Unity that you can drop into a scene and play right away.

Take a look at the getting started tutorial video to see how easy it is to generate jigsaws in a matter of moments by loading in your own images and specifying the number of pieces you'd like, along with a variety of other options to customise your puzzles.

Free game included!

If you purchase this package as part of the bundle you will be able to download my game "The Adventures of Wolf and Hood - A Jigsaw Tale" for free (worth $4.16), as a demonstration of how a complete jigsaw puzzle game could work.  This package gives you everything you need to create all the jigsaw puzzle prefabs you want for your own game, although you will need to add your own puzzle images, menu system, and any other features you require.

What this package does

The jigsaw puzzle generator tool can:

  • Load images from your computer and convert into "squarified" textures saved to your project
  • Generate jigsaw puzzle prefabs to match the aspect ratio of your chosen images
  • Adjust the settings for number of pieces, size of tabs, random seed, and more
  • Save the prefabs to your project along with a normal map texture (to give the puzzle pieces a sense of depth) and shadow texture (to highlight the seams between pieces)

What you can do with the prefabs:

  • Drop a puzzle prefab into a scene to play right away (there is an example scene to show you one way you can do this)
  • Combine any image with the same puzzle prefab (as long as the aspect ratio is the same)
  • Use the same image with different puzzle prefabs (e.g. different numbers of pieces to give a variety of difficulties)

Important information

At the moment this package is not available from the Unity Asset Store but it will be once it leaves early access.

This package was developed in Unity 2019.4 (LTS) for the Universal Render Pipeline (URP), but should work in all later versions of Unity too.   Note that it is not yet compatible with the HDRP.

The current version is "Early Access" as additional features may get added in the future.  When I consider this package to be feature complete the price will increase to $20, but if you have purchased it during the early access phase you will be able to upgrade for no extra cost.

If you would like to see any features added as a priority please let me know.  I'll see if I can get them added, if I think they are appropriate.  Get in touch with me @StoneBakedGames

Please check the End User Licence Agreement below to make sure you can use this package for what you want to do (it's short and not complicated).

Click this link to see the End User Licence Agreement


Get this Unity package and 1 more for $15.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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