WASD / arrows to move the mannequin

Mouse to move the camera around

Space or mouse left click to jump

Shift or mouse right click for crouch

P to pause

This is a very simple 3D platform game based on the classic childhood game The Floor is Lava.  

Try to reach the goal in the shortest possible time without falling in the lava, or else it's back to the start for another go.

I had never done animated characters before so wanted to try something small for practice.  I also happened to be visiting two of my nephews a couple of weeks after starting so thought it would be fun to get them involved in designing the levels.  

We hope you enjoy our silly little game.


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Loved it. Never played the original. Had a lot of fun from this one though :)

Thanks for playing, Vignesh, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Cute, had a lot of fun :) I loved how quickly the character ran!

I'm glad you had fun.  It was a fun little project to work on too.

Here are my times, if someone wants compete :) Thanks for the game, i was fun :)

Those are going to take some beating.  I might give it a go myself ;)

Good Game!

Thanks :)