A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is an experimental short-form game intended as an alternative to a birthday or Christmas card, to be sent to (potentially non-game playing) friends or relatives. Or to enjoy yourself if you're after a stress-free experience.

The Lighthouse Keeper has invited you to stay but when you arrive on their island you find they have abandoned their post and have left a series of clues leading to their hidden treasure.

Played in first-person (with a choice of standard or simplified controls) the player can simply wander the relaxing tropical island with no aim, or perhaps discover the hidden treasure chest that holds a special prize.

Finding and opening the chest will require some mild puzzle solving but most people should succeed in 10-30 minutes.

Please contact me if you get stuck or need any hints @StoneBakedGames.

Install instructions

Download the appropriate zip file for your system using the buttons below. Unzip it into a folder and launch the executable to play. No installation required.


The Lighthouse Keeper's Treasure - PC build.zip 30 MB
The Lighthouse Keeper's Treasure - Mac build.zip 32 MB
The Lighthouse Keeper's Treasure - Linux build.zip 33 MB

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