Reshuffle pieces mid-game added

There has always been the option to restart a completed puzzle but I have now added the ability to reshuffle loose puzzle pieces mid-game.  I was initially reluctant to add this ability because if the player had spent a long time organising pieces and then accidentally reshuffled them it would ruin all that hard work.  But it is undeniably useful to have that option available in certain situations where many pieces lay on top of each other and you want a quick way to spread them all out again.  So I decided the best way to do this was to add a confirmation screen after clicking the reshuffle button, to give the player a chance to cancel the reshuffle if they clicked the button accidentally.  Hopefully this is the best of both worlds.

All the best.

Tim from Stone Baked Games

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Version 5 Jan 02, 2021 114 MB
Version 10 Jan 02, 2021 111 MB
Version 6 Jan 02, 2021

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